United Prayer Movement (UPM) Introduction: Origin of Holy Dissatisfaction

Workers in Turkey, along with Turkish pastors and leaders had been working so hard with much prayers, at times sacrificing their families and risking their lives to reach the Turks with the Gospel of Jesus Christ in many different and creative ways. Yet, Turkey remains as one of the most unreached nation in the world. There are currently 4,000 Muslim-background believers attending church out of 73,000,000 Turks (< 0.005 %, which is one of the lowest in the world).

1,700 orkers in Turkey, along with thousands of partners around the world are asking, How can this be? We are so thankful for 3,000 believers, but nevertheless, we are NOT satisfied with those numbers. We have this holy dissatisfaction. What about the rest of them? God was listening to our cries. He has revealed clearly that, although there are other obstacles; such as political, socio-economic and religious oppositions, the primary and the most powerful opposition to the gospel of Jesus Christ in Turkey is that of SPIRITUAL. A powerful SPIRITUAL BREAK-THROUGH must happen in this land in order for all those who hear the gospel to respond in faith. We hear the Holy Spirit, saying, Not by might, not by power, but by My Spirit. We believe that a spiritual awakening in Turkey is only possible by the working of the Holy Spirit. Our task is come together in unity and cry out to God in intercessory prayers. Then, He will arise in Turkey and in other Islamic countries.


2007 UPM The UPM was started in 2007 by Korean workers in Turkey with the vision for a spiritual break-through, restoration and revival in Turkey, Turkic window and other Islamic region. 286 Korean workers in Turkey have gathered in February, 2007 in Antalya for the first UPM to seek God’s mercy and grace upon the land. About 2 months later, we have suffered very first Turkish believers who were martyred in Malatya on April 18. We believe that this was the first among the many spiritual break-through for Turkish Church. 

2008 UPM In January, 2008, 387 prayer partners from Turkey, Korea, USA, gathered again in Antalya to pray and bless Turkey, the Turkic Window, and all Islamic Countries. We have a few missionaries who had joined us from central Asia.

2009 UPM From April 6 to 10, 2009, there were 370 prayer partners from Turkey, Korea, United States, Australia, South Africa, and other parts of the world came together for 5 days to pray for God’s great power and grace to fall upon us. The leaders from Tek, LAC, KLAC and Silas in Turkey, and leaders from Nations(England) and ITN(International) also joined together in prayers. This was a new chapter of unity among all of gospel workers, especially among Koreans in Turkey.

2010 UPM - "2010 Ephesus Celebration and Beyond" at Ephesus, Turkey
(May 20~24, 2010) From 27 countries, over 1,200 prayer partners for Turkey and Turkic Window have gathered in Ephesus, Turkey.  They came together to seek God's face and His glory for "spiritual break-throughs" in Turkey and Turkic Window, and to welcome Jesus Christ as the true King over the land. 

In the evening of the Pentecost Sunday (May 23rd), which was the last night of the celebration and also the "Global Day of Prayer" 600 more Turkish believers from all over Turkey joined the celebration, singing, dancing, praising and praying together.  Many have reported that there was genuine presence of the Holy Spirit during the entire meeting, especially during final evening of celebration at the old city of Ephesus.

Power - it is always a greater force when combined
than it is divided. I believe that the same principle
applies with intercessory prayer.