Happy Thanksgiving 2022[English]

Happy Thanksgiving!

This Thanksgiving, I pray that the amazing grace and the abundant blessings of our Lord will bless you, your family, children, your business, and the plans you dream of.

We could never conduct our ministries without your partnership, prayer, and financial support. We remember the United Prayer Movement in 2007, the spiritual breakthrough in the 2010 Ephesus Celebration international gathering, the refugee ministry in 2014, and the church planting movement in 2018.

Every ministry we’ve done has been blessed by the Lord. We exalt all the glory and honor to our God Jehova.

I am really appreciative that there are new Afghan gatherings in Afyon, Yalova, and Kirikale in Turkiye by our new church planters. I believe that God’s work will keep going even though the Taliban has brought Afghanistan into spititual darkness.

True thanksgiving leads us to exalt praise and glory to our real God, who is with us always and gives eternal hope and makes us win in Christ by the Holy Spirit.

Once again I am very thankful for your sincere partnership and I bless you. I pray that you will be strong in body and soul in Christ.

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