Prayer Request for Turkey
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1110 Pray for Turkish School : The Radicalism of Turkish, Not Saudi, Schoolbooks admin 2021-03-31 23
1109 Pray for Prisoners in Turkey: Turkish prison conditions worsen amid pandemic admin 2021-03-24 28
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1105 How Would an Awakening in Turkey Impact the Muslim World? admin 2021-02-24 75
1104 Pray for Big Dream School: Join us to be part of God's story admin 2021-02-17 82
1103 Pray for the Kidnapping of Elderly Christians: Turkey Makes No Progress Investigatin.. admin 2021-02-09 119
1102 Pray for the Churcth and Christians in Turkey and the Middle East: Middle East Perse.. admin 2021-02-03 93
1101 Pray for Christians in Turkey : Watch groups: Christians in Turkey face suppression,.. admin 2021-01-27 104
1100 Pray for HWM Missions: Rise up, Young people of God as Holy Wave Makers! admin 2021-01-21 133
1099 Pray for Reda Musa’s family left behind: Reda Musa, his wife Nema, and his second .. admin 2021-01-13 115
1098 Pray that civil war and all conflicts in Syria: Syria's regime auctions off land of .. admin 2021-01-07 140
1097 Review of the Year: Turkey takes the path of assertive independence admin 2020-12-30 129